Thursday, April 15, 2010

a walk around the block | South New Jersey Children's lifrestyle photography

I love this time of year so much. It was perfect weather for a walk around the block after dinner! I usually don't bring the camera with me for a walk but since I'm still in new camera bliss, I did. And I'm glad I did!

first, we stopped and waved to the dogs....

then we pointed at all the airplanes in the sky....

then bark at some dogs....

and of course blew on some dandelions!!

and more....

and then just stood there are looked all cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UPGRADE and a Bean | South NJ child's photographer

I finally upgraded my camera and got the classic 5d and an 85 1.8, I went through he!! to get this camera lol since there was a mix up and it took two weeks and a trip to NY . But I'm in love so it was worth it. I bribed my 5 year old Anna (Bean) with chocolate kisses to let me test it out and surprisingly she let me...for 15 mins lol. I got 2 that i like, one is with major mommy goggles but i LOVE the bokeh in it...CLASSIC CHEESE, can't seem to break her of it

and to try to distract her from cheeseing i told her to jump...i have this in color but her shoes don't match her outfit lol

and one from yesterday. I asked her to let me test my camera again and this is what i get.....Oh man, we're in trouble!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Audrey turns TWO!

We had a beautiful day yesterday and Audrey was in a good mood so I decided to attempt her second year portraits. We get to the park, it's trees were all in bloom and beautiful...Did Audrey care? No. She did everything to avoid me, run from me or hide from me. Well, here are what i managed to get of my very active TWO year old.

And to show how the session was, this is Audrey hiding from me and peeking around to see where I am with the camera!!

Beautiful Anna

Thursday, March 25, 2010

mmm cupcakes...

We went out to lunch today and the awesome waitress gave the girls each a cupcake. So, after dinner they got their special snack. Audrey was loving it!

She wasn't loving mommy following her around with the camera though. Anna was alot quicker to dodge it, LOL,

The neighbors were having a tree taken down and she really wanted to go out front to see what daddy was doing but was afraid of the sound of the chainsaw...but omg look at that face! This is why they enjoyed their cupcakes outside!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Someone is having a birthday...

well not for another week but yesterday we celebrated Audrey's 2nd birthday. I was running in 20 different directions so unfortunately there aren't maybe pictures. It was a beautiful day and they girls spent all morning outside so by time the party started they were wiped but they still had fun. Her party was Mickey mouse themed and I am shocked as to how hard it was to find Mickey Mouse stuff! If you only knew what i went thorough to make those Mickey cookies LOL! I had ordered her a custom Minnie dress but since we were outside for the party, she only wore it for maybe half hour before i changed her in fear of her ruining it. Hopefully I'll get to do her official birthday shoot in her dress this weekend

Here is the invite I made, don't worry, I fixed the typo before I had them printed

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Wow, it was absolutely beautiful today! Girls were aching to play outside so we broke out the sidewalk chalk. With the weather getting nice i'm hoping i'll start picking up my camera again.

They are impossible to get eye contact from so i asked each of them where Mickey Mouse was and this is what i got. Eh, it'll do

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

one big...

cheeseball! I take my camera out and this is the face it get! I love it lol! I usually get the back of her head as she runs away.

I have to do her second birthday pictures in a week and i'm hoping she'll cooperate! A mom can dream, right?

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